Private charters from 4 days 3 nights and cabin bookings for 7 days 6 nights

7 Days / 6 Nights Cabin Bookings
(when guests want to join other like-minded guests)

The key to maximum appreciation of the Whitsunday water wonderland is to know which location is ideal to visit according to the height of the tide and weather conditions prevailing. Some locations are not suitable to visit at low tide and others may not be suitable to snorkel because of the wind direction. Because of their intimate knowledge of how the wind, waves and tide interact at each location, John & Lynne plan each activity to maximise your safety and comfort. Each cruise is planned so that there is ample time to visit the best locations for snorkelling and sightseeing according to the weather conditions prevailing.

Lynne & John will take you to locations, where entering the magical world of colourful coral gardens is as close as just jumping off the back of their boat. Here you will be accompanied by so many brightly coloured, friendly fish that it is like swimming in your own aquarium. Lynne is your Master Reef Guide, who is in the water with you leading you to places where the fish will swim up to your mask to look you right in the eye as if to say "Welcome to my world"! Whilst John is nearby in their stable and spacious tender to ensure safety for their guests. They offer free tuition to those who have not snorkelled before and guide them to the best locations underwater. They even have a hydrophone on board so guests can hear the magical and soulful sound of the Humpback whales.

Healthy menus are individually created in consultation with guests soon after booking. Lynne is the author of a published cook book entitled "Gourmet Sailing, delicious dining on the Great Barrier Reef & other delights" so you can be assured that the meals enjoyed aboard will surpass that served in leading Australian restaurants. "Sydney Sundancer" boasts an excellent and extensive wine cellar designed to compliment each delicious meal. Each evening, John will anchor the yacht in a different locations, so calm that long stemmed wine glasses are safe on the dining table! In the morning, you can go snorkelling over magnificent coral gardens accompanied by thousands of friendly fish, before breakfast AND YOUR DAY JUST GETS BETTER FROM THERE!

If you choose to venture further into the marine park to the outer Great Barrier Reef to gain a fuller appreciation of THE Great Barrier Reef, and the weather conditions are calm, a magical experience will be in store for you.

A vitally important consideration, if you are considering a live aboard cruise to join others, is that there will be no children aboard (unless they are yours!). We guarantee that if you choose an overnight cruise and join others, there will be no person aboard aged less than 18, because guests who wish to have a family holiday with their children, are required to book a private yacht charter. 

For cabin bookings generally we will only accept two couples who are accommodated in Staterooms at either end of the yacht, both with en - suites.

Private Charters

Our private charters can be as little as 4 days / 3 nights or as long as you require. We can accommodate up to 8 guests comfortably, after all we are licensed to carry over 50 guests for day charter on Sydney harbour as there is so much deck space! This is perfect for those wanting to have friends and / or family aboard, maybe for that special celebration or even for a special romantic get - a - way for two.

Guests arrive at Hamilton Island and take the island taxi to the Marina (5 minutes) Boarding time is around mid-day, depending on flight arrivals.

Be welcomed on board with a complimentary ice cold tropical Pimms or beer.

Depart the marina to begin an "Adventure in Paradise". Sail to Cid Harbour to anchor for the evening. A late afternoon stroll through a rain forest is an option if guests desire.

Sundowners, snacks and the evening meal will be served in this ultra-calm bay.


Day 1


skippered yacht charter Whitsundays

After a delicious breakfast, we hoist the sails to enjoy a leisurely cruise to Langford Reef for snorkelling and an island walk if guests choose to do so. We all enjoy a superb lunch on the aft deck next to this coral cay. Turtles are often seen at this location.

After lunch we enjoy a short afternoon sail to Stonehaven anchorage on the northern shore of Hook Island in time to catch a glorious sunset, with cocktail in hand preceding a delicious dinner, completes the first full day. Often at this location we are visited by a very friendly green turtle (which we have named Tony!) and our guests often swim with him!!


Day 2


An early morning snorkel over beautiful corals and fish gives an appetitevfor breakfast. A gentle 20 knot south east wind blows today, so we head out into the Whitsunday passage for an exhilarating sail. Lunch is served while under sail and we arrive at Blue Pearl Bay on Hayman Island to snorkel over the coral reef.

For the first time we see the underwater world and fish life through the large glass bottom of the dive tender "Sundance Kid". John steers us skilfully over the crystal clear water and colourful corals, whilst Lynne explains the names of the numerous fish and corals, before we excitedly leap overboard to take an even closer look!!

Those wanting a bush walk, take the tender ashore to follow the pipe track to a "lookout" on the island for a "birds eye" view of the wonderful waterways and nearby Islands. We often submerge our hydrophone to listen the amazing songs of Humpback Whales. To experience this now, simply click on this link : https//

Lynne tells us that the whales can communicate to each other for over 100 kms and that they change their song from year to year. Sunsets are superb from the western side of Hayman Island, so we enjoy our drinks whilst watching a glorious sunset before dinner.


Day 3


We set sail for Butterfly Bay. On arrival, we dinghy ashore for a stroll amongst the dense tropical foliage and thick canopy of native trees behind a white coral beach to see thousands of butterflies which fascinate our guests...and yet another snorkel for those inclined over exceptionally colourful corals. Lunch is served on the aft deck in this stunningly beautiful bay.

After setting a course due east, we visit Manta Ray Bay where the corals are spectacular and hundreds of fish are so friendly that they gather around under our glass bottomed boat on arrival to welcome us. We watch with excitement when "Albert", the friendly resident Maori Wrasse (over 1 metre long) stares up at us through the glass bottom, together with hundreds of Sergeant Majors, Fusiliers, Moon Wrasse and many other extremely colourful fish.

Without exception every guest said this is one of the top highlights of their visit! Guests have the experience of a "close encounter" with these amazingly colourful fish in crystal clear water.

As the weather is totally calm and perfect, we all decide we will sail to Bait Reef, which lies on the Outer Reef, and is about three hours from Manta Ray Bay. Our guests relax under sail comfortably either lying on the air bed or on the deck, occasionally looking up to see if there are whales leaping out of the water or dolphins swimming at the bow.

En route, we see humpback whales (mother & calf) & the mother is teaching her calf how to leap out of the water. It is an awesome experience to be so close and we feel privileged to watch nature at its' best! Some guests love to learn navigation and are ably assisted in lessons from the Captain! On arrival at Bait Reef (in the middle of an open ocean) we proceed through an opening between the coral boulders into a perfectly protected lagoon. The water turns from deep blue to bright turquoise as we move to a mooring in shallower waters.

Our guests are mesmerised by the sheer beauty and remoteness of this amazing place! We all decide to take the tender for an afternoon snorkel to witness the amazing diversity of fish and corals.


Day 4


In the morning after watching the sun rise out of the ocean, we enjoy an early snorkel with Manta Rays prior to breakfast. Our guests are over awed by the size and gentle beauty of these magnificent creatures.

After breakfast we enjoy a one way drift snorkel over the entire length of the shallow reef and pretty coral gardens inside the Stepping Stones into Gary's lagoon then explore the whole length of the drop off which is known as Manta Ray Drop Off. Lynne calls it the "magic carpet ride" as she guides guests over what is arguably the most amazing corals and fish life anywhere, click onto this link to experience

From shallow depths to deep lagoons and drop offs on the edge of the reef, this experience gives our guests a full appreciation of what the Great Barrier Reef is all about. Turtles are often seen and great variety of fish life.

Lynne is your guide and is always in the water with guests guiding them to the very best corals. John is always nearby in the tender to accommodate snorkelers who don't want to be in the water for so long, (and to give confidence to guests who are new to snorkelling!) but rarely that is the case, as there are so many amazing things to see and time flies by!! He is always happy to give our snorkelers "a tow" behind the tender - a very popular activity! We very often hear humpback whales singing whilst snorkelling, ever more enhancing the incredible experience!! After a superb lunch on the aft deck we reluctantly leave this incredible place and sail back to the islands. There is a 15 knot wind blowing, so we all enjoy the sail back to the islands and head for Tongue Bay on the eastern side of Whitsunday Island. When we troll for fish there can be great excitement when a large Spanish mackerel is caught. Wonderfully delicious freshly caught fish - Nothing quite like it!!



Day 5


After breakfast, we go ashore and take a walk to the lookout at Hill Inlet. This affords an "OMG" moment for our guests as we come out of the bush to THE most magnificent views over the inlet and the world - famous Whitehaven Beach.

A walk down to Betty's beach follows and delights our guests, not only because of the 99% silica sand that squeaks under their feet, but the experience of such a clean and unspoilt beach. No wonder Trip Advisor rates Whitehaven Beach to be amongst the best 10 beaches in the world!!

A delicious lunch is serve on deck adjacent to the beach and afterwards our guests can go ashore to walk along the 5 km beach, relax on the beach, swim in the crystal clear water or take a hike along the return track to Chance Bay.

An afternoon sail with drinks in hand as the sun sets in the West is enjoyed as we head to a bay close to Hamilton Island.

The last dinner is enjoyed with guests reliving their amazing 7 days aboard and discussing their wonderful encounters with nature. During the days aboard Lynne will have taken both above and below water pictures of guests' experiences, and after displaying these images, will down load them onto a USB stick for guests to take home (free of charge of course!)


Day 6


After a swim before breakfast we reluctantly set sail for Hamilton island arriving there around 10am concluding what has been for everyone aboard the most fascinating, exciting and relaxing holiday of their lifetime!

NB. Please note that every days' activity is governed by the prevailing weather, the activities and locations above are examples only. The order of experience can vary from week to week but over the 7 days / 6 nights we have generally found that we can visit the locations described.


Day 7