Australia Day

On the 26th of January Sydney Harbour will come alive with fun filled activities that will feature on every television news broadcast around our nation and Sydney Sundancer will be right in the middle of all the action.

The Australia Day Council has devised a whole day of activities in which we can participate to demonstrate our pride being Aussie!

Tall Ships Display

Navy Display

Air Force Display

Our Guests Display

The above is what you will experience if you join our day cruise and below is what you can see on our evening cruise:

The cost for the day cruise is $150 and for the evening cruise $100  (if you want to do both the cost is $220).  Both cruises are BYO because there is just no time for us to serve a meals. We expect to be sold out within the next few days so booking delays will surely lead to disappointment. Call Lynne on 0417 311 941 or John 0428 311 941 for more details see